The RFL is designed to be easy. You can quickly make your picks and check the results after the games have been played.

You must first create a player and join or create a league. A league is a group of players who compete against each other. You may join as many leagues as you like.

The schedule page displays the NFL schedule for the current week. You can click on the week number in the red bar at the top of the page to view other weeks. The letters W D C S in the bar represent the playoff weeks, Wildcard, Division, Chapmionship and Superbowl.

Along with the game time and place you can also see the team records. Click to see the team schedule or team website. Game times are displayed in your local time zone.

You my also view the printable schedule page. This schedule is laid out in a grid which prints nicely to a standard printer. After you have made your picks this page will display green check marks representing your picks.

A poll question is also available on the schedule page. You can create as many polls as you like.